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Paper Obsessed Puppy

Oh, here's a funny little story...we have a new puppy (see puppy and hubby pic below) who is OBSESSED with paper - but not in a good way! He loves to tear it up! Great...just what I need...I am an obsessed paper crafter with a puppy who is obsessed with tearing up paper.

Well, anyway, a good friend of mine had a bunch of pics of when she took her niece to the Georgia Aquarium and asked me to make a two page layout for her.   I am very blessed...since my husband retired, he has found his creativity and is a budding artist. I was talking to him about the layout and and my wonderful Picasso  created water background paper with his pastels (I know, I know, I'm so lucky).  I then needed something for the bottom of the page...something that looked like rocks or sand or something.  So, off we went to Michaels to find the perfect paper.  I found the coolest thing...thin cork paper with an adhesive backing!  How cool is that?


 Of course I cannot just buy one thing when I go to Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann's, so I left with about 15 pieces of scrapbook paper among many other things (you know how it is).  Anyway, we got back home and I carefully put the paper away into one of my iris scrapbook page holders. 

The next morning, I wanted to look through the new paper that I bought (yes, I'm a paper geek), so I took it out of the case and gazed lovingly at my new finds (lol).   A few minutes later, we left to go out to breakfast.  



When we got home, little Mickey had torn my new paper to shreds - including the coolest ever cork with adhesive backing.  I know I know - it's my fault - I left it out - but I was so devastated.  My husband is so amazing that he just said, lets go back to Michaels and get some more.  Now this is very sweet because Michaels is about an hour drive from where our lake house is.  So, off we went in search of the cork paper...

But ALAS! 

They were out of the coolest ever cork with adhesive backing!

Sad face in tow :( , home we went.  I would have to come up with a new plan.

As I started work on the page,  I pulled out the torn up paper (yes, the coolest ever cork with adhesive backing), and realized something...Mickey (the paper obsessed puppy)  knew exactly what I needed and he created it for me.  The chewed up cork was the perfect bottom to the aquarium.  I got so excited that I placed it on the pages and just went to town...complete with fish, sharks, lobster, clams and a mermaid!  Notice the little air bubbles from each little fishy...


That's the work of my little little mini picasso...he's an artist...who knew? 

And by the way, for all of you doubters out there...


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