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Bright Summer Days

WOW!  Here it is January 2011 and I woke up to this BEAUTIFUL sunny day.  I'm in my mountain cabin in Helen Georgia and the view I have from my front window is of the sun shining down on the top of Mount Yonah. 

Roger and I bought this property several years ago - constructed the main cabin, built an outdoor kitchen/Tiki Bar and then put a small guest cabin next to the Tiki Bar.  Now understand, when I say small, I mean small.  The interior of the cabin is 12 X 12!  It was complete with bunk beds, a futon, a full bathroom with shower, and a small kitchen area with microwave, sink and mini fridge.  When I first took up scrapbooking and cardmaking (it's been about 18 months now), we had NO IDEA the addiction it would turn into.  Soon, my papercrafting supplies were taking over the big cabin.  Last summer, my amazing husband converted the guest cabin into my own craft room (which I now call "ScrappyShak").  The bunk beds were converted into shelving units that hold all of my paper and supplies.  The area that used to house the futon is now my L shaped desk and workcenter.  He installed pegboard, magnetic board and small shelves for my most used supplies (markers, scissors, rulers, etc.) as well as my favorite embellishments (gem centered felt flowers).  In addition, he installed a TV with built in DVD player so I can watch my favorite shows while I'm designing.  Everything I need is right at my fingertips.

So now that you have a picture in your mind, back to this morning.  I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking (yes, my husband is amazing) and this incredibly sunny day.  I quickly ate my breakfast and headed over to ScrappyShak.  To my surprise, it was FREEZING outside!  I mean REALLY cold (well, for the south).  It was so deceiving...this sunny day, but it is sooo  cold.  I found myself wishing for summer.  Anyway, I get over to ScrappyShak and turn on my laptop and start searching for something to remind me of summer...what do I find?  A card making challenge to create a project with the theme of 'Bright Summery Day' to shake off the Winter Blues...I need that today.  How perfect!  I've actually been working on a series of cards that I call the "Polly Series".  Pollys are adorable young girls just enjoying summer days.

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