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Arteza Palette Knife 2/Pkg - ARTZ3633

Arteza Palette Knife 2/Pkg - ARTZ3633

SKU: 840098714430

This Set of Palette Knives is a must-have for anyone wanting to add dimension to their art pieces. These blunt, metal painting tools are perfect for mixing colors and can be used with many different types of paint (yet, work exceptionally well with acrylic and oil). This set is suitable for various painting techniques. Each individual paint palette knife allows you to create unique texture effects for your acrylic and oil artwork. Each metal palette knife brings a different result to any of your ceramics pieces, including pottery projects. This set can be used for building up textures in murals and other forms of large-scale art. It's suitable for artists of all skill levels, hobbyists, and anyone who wants to play with painting techniques. This package contains one #7 palette knife and one #21 palette knife. 

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