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Fiskars ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer 12" - 100580

Fiskars ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer 12" - 100580

SKU: 020335052079

The Fiskars® ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer features a unique, dual-rail system that stabilizes the rotary blade and eliminates wiggle, for straight, perfectly precise cuts through a wide range of thick materials. Perfect for DIY projects, additional innovations include a rotary bypass blade that stays sharp and never needs to be replaced, as well as a built-in smudge guard. The trimmer also features grid line measurements on both the top and bottom of the smudge guard, allowing you to move the 14" extended base deck to your left or right. A convenient folding design allows it to take up less space during storage and transport, while an anti-wear veneer surface provides long-lasting performance.

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