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Eraser Set 3/Pkg

Eraser Set 3/Pkg

SKU: 044974037389
GENERAL PENCIL-Eraser Set.  These are the ideal tools for fine art, crafts, graphic Design, architecture, and memory books.  Kneaded Eraser: used to remove charcoal and blend and soften details in drawings, use the tacky surface for large erasing or knead into a custom shape for specific details, to renew eraser simply knead it until surface appears clean.  Gum Eraser: a classic soft eraser for gentle erasure of charcoal, graphite and smudges.  Extra Soft White Vinyl Eraser: ideal for graphite, pastels, and charcoal from a variety of papers and surfaces, erases without abrading the surface of fine papers.  Made in USA/Imported.
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