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Encaustic Art Basic Selection of wax blocks

Encaustic Art Basic Selection of wax blocks

SKU: 8717718351103
The Basic Selection contains the colors that make up the initial palette provided in the Starter Set pack. These 16 colors offer the opportunity to mix almost any hue but also to have good beginner colors ready to use.
Material, wax and pigment, 1.6 x 1 x 0.43 inches, (40 x 24 x 11mm), Melt point : +/-65c
1 Crimson, 03 Orange, 44 Mid Yellow, 06 Leaf Green, 23 Olive Green, 08 Blue Green, 31 Pastel Blue, 10 Ultra Marine Blue, 46 Cyan Blue, 24 Pink, 12 Red Violet, 48 Purple, 13 Red Brown, 15 Black, 16 White, 27 Clear Wax Medium
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