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Picket Fence Paper Pouncers -Rainbow/Neutral Bundle

Picket Fence Paper Pouncers -Rainbow/Neutral Bundle

This bundle includes 1 pack of Rainbow and 1 pack of Neutrals!

Paper Pouncers are a brand-new way to apply ink to die cuts, stencils, and many other paper crafting projects! These top quality super-soft SPONGE applicators are not your momma’s old inking tool! Paper Pouncers were custom designed by Picket Fence Studios to make applying ink easier, faster, and more comfortable on hands. Simply add ink onto the sponge head and pounce away! Three color palettes are available: Bright Rainbow (9 pack shown above),  The Neutrals (3 pack of black, brown, and gray), and a 3 pack of White. Use with water-based inks or watercolors, and clean with a damp cloth or wipe. Each Pouncer comes with its own color coordinated holder for simple storage and display.   

Paper Pouncers were developed to add to a new ink application tool on the market for easier and quicker application of water-based inks to paper. They do not replace Life Changing Blender Brushes.

Please do not apply heat or saturate with water. Saturation of the sponge will cause it to permanently grow in size. 

    $52.98 Regular Price
    $47.99Sale Price
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