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Crazy Kids!

What an amazing beautiful day up in the mountains...sunny, 78 degrees, the perfect day!  I started my morning off with Mickey (the paper obsessed puppy) licking my hand telling me it's time to get up.  What a way to wake up.  He's the sweetest little thing.  Anyway, Roger (my picasso husband) was spending the day working with the volunteer crew cleaning up leaves in the development, so after I got some work done I decided to make a scrapbook page for ME!  Lately I have been spending so much time making pages for other people, it was time to work on my own.  When  my dad died last June, I inherited most of our family slides (yes - slides still exist).  A few months ago I started converting them and I found some adorable pictures of all 5 of us kids and thought they would make a great scrapbook page.  I decided to work on one today - it's a funny thing how a page for yourself can take so much longer than making custom pages for other people!  Well, I just finished it...what do you think?

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